Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Hi everyone! It's been a minute since I wrote a new blog post! I've mostly been doing a lot of vlogging on my YouTube "Booktube" channel, which you can check out here if you'd like! And I've been doing a lot of writing! Which brings me to this post!

I was selected as a 2016 Pitch Wars mentee!! (AHHHH!!!) Pitch Wars is an incredible writing contest hosted by Brenda Drake, who is basically the Fairy Godmother to the writing community. You can learn more about Pitch Wars here--and if you're a writer I highly encourage you to check it out and enter next year! It is seriously everything I could have hoped for and more. 

If you've entered in the past, KEEP TRYING. This was my third year submitting to Pitch Wars. The first time I was selected as an alternate with a different book, the second time I got great feedback from incredible mentors who told me to go straight to querying with a revised version of that book, and this year I got to work with my mentor soulmate Nikki Roberti with a new book. Seriously she is the best and we communicate exclusively in Taylor Swift gifs. It is everything. 

I am going to do a more extensive post on the Pitch Wars experience, but for now, I just wanted to give a quick update of what I've been up to and tell you a little bit about my Pitch Wars book! 

It's called THE FRIEND ZONE HYPOTHESIS and it's a funny and heartfelt YA Contemporary. The pitch is below and you can check out my official Pitch Wars agent round entry on Brenda's site to read a sample of the first chapter!
When his nerdy sidekick swipes a copy of Cosmo claiming it holds scientific secrets to winning any girl’s heart, seventeen-year-old Mikey launches an experiment to transform his status from best friend to boyfriend. One problem: Jessica Sterling is a variable who can’t be controlled.

Read a sample of the first chapter hereSee my inspiration board on Pinterest!

More very soon!

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