THE FRIEND ZONE HYPOTHESIS                                               

Genre: YA Contemporary                                              

Status: Complete & selected for Pitch Wars 2016!                                      

When his nerdy sidekick swipes a copy of Cosmo claiming it holds scientific secrets to winning any girl’s heart, seventeen-year-old Mikey launches an experiment to transform his status from best friend to boyfriend. One problem: Jessica Sterling is a variable who can’t be controlled.

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Genre: YA Science Fiction/Adventure 

Status: Complete

Beneath the former Blue Ridge Mountains is a warrior with a secret that could kill her—and everyone she knows. In Crissa’s world, dream control technology has turned dreams deadly. When Tristan infiltrates her mind, is he controlling her, or can Crissa trust him with her life—and her heart?

Inception meets Insurgent in this high-stakes, epic battle for freedom and love.

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