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Katie O'Shea Books: Welcome!

Hey there. Welcome to my writing blog and thanks for checking it out. :)

Why do I write? I write because it’s something I have to do. Something I love to do. Something that’s in my soul and that I can’t not do. Writing is so powerful and I love being able to create something with my words and to share it and that’s what I want to do here with you. Anyone who has read a great, an amazing book knows the power in words and how much they can affect you and change lives. I love to create and that world of writing is something that I want to be a part of, no matter on what level. I write for me, but I’d love to share what I write with you, too.

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 (Basically, writing is this...making words come to life and creating another world on a page...kind of cool)

Ok but who am I? Right, hello there. Let me introduce myself then. I’m Katie O’Shea. Law student and writer extraordinaire…or just someone who loves to write. I’m from Atlanta, GA and love the South (even though Atlanta is secretly really the North…). I’m that overly-involved kind of perfectionist that you’re not surprised to find in law school, but also fun and creative and not too serious (maybe?). I absolutely adore music, the other half of my soul. I’m the kind of spontaneous that could just get on a train and go to Italy on a whim…for lunch…because I’m craving Italian food (and I did when studying abroad in Paris)…I love to travel. Let’s see…I love trying new things. I started baking cupcakes last year at the beginning of law school, but mostly I just like to eat them (even though I hate cake…). And I just finished writing my second novel! It’s a YA post-apocalyptic dystopian novel which I kind of love and maybe you will too one day. I wrote my first novel when I was 20, writing it little by little every night during college and it was a really cool process and something that I loved…but that you will probably never see as it was one of those self-indulgent first attempt kind of things. So if you want to know anything else…just ask? 

Why the writing website now? After reading a couple of posts from amazing authors like Veronica Roth about the importance of writers having websites I figured it was time to take the plunge. As Veronica pondered in one of her first posts pre-publishing career, “I haven't actually published anything, so what on earth would I advertise on said website? My innate awesomeness?” I too have not (yet) published anything so what to write about? I’m just going to write about all those writer-ly thoughts that I always have and the things I would write about if I were published. About two years from that post, Ms. Roth had her first amazing book Divergent published (which you should definitely check out if you haven’t read it already. Truly, you will love it.) so I guess things worked out pretty well for her. 

Being published would be pretty awesome, but mostly I just love to create and to write and that’s why I do, not to be published. If that happens someday, I’m not going to lie I would freak out, but if not I’ll just continue to love writing anyway. 

So welcome to my blog (and to my crazy writer brain) where I’ll be writing about writing and life. Thanks for joining me on this journey. I’d love to hear from you and know what you’re thinking about, writing, reading, etc. too so leave me a comment and let’s connect! 

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