Monday, March 19, 2012

Editing--on the Beach!

Let's be real--if you're going to edit, it may as well be on the beach! But as it seems, Spring Break doesn't last forever, so now I'm back to the real world and law school.

But editing on the beach was pretty awesome. It was great to just have a whole week free where I could read, write, and relax.

Round 1 edits are complete! So it was highly productive as well--I edited a huge chunk of my manuscript, all while enjoying the Florida rays (from the safety of the shade). Now I'm in the process of going through and working on round two of edits.

Taking a box of file folders on Spring Break isn’t weird, is it? Apparently not for me…because I brought it with me to hold my MS and told my mom it was filled with file folders so I could organize things (because I like to pretend to be sneaky about working on my books). But she didn’t question that I would actually have file folders to organize things on Spring Break. My life--just your typical writer/law student nerd. ;)

Where's your favorite place to write or work on your book? If you could go anywhere to write where would it be? 

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